Brown Cuts Neighbors Plasm Spoon Reissue

Legend has it that there were two siblings aged four and six growing up together in a house on Balltown Road in Schenectady, New York in 1980 that acquired a magic machine that could record sounds onto strips of plastic. Their names were Jason and Colleen Martin. They took the prophecy of the magic machine to heart and were transported to many fantastic planets. They were aided on their journey by their next-door neighbors, The Blue Cat Family, who had a band. They chose to also start a band. They called themselves The Brown Cuts Neighbors.

Of course.

They made tapes. Many tapes. In editions of one.

In 1989 Jason started making tapes with the fiercest guitarist at his high school. Jim Kopta. They started with Beltsander Girls. Soon they recruited more to their cause. They got a regular drummer, Doug Williams (That’s a pretty important skill for a drummer); and, some irregular singers/artists/percussionists in the persons of Rob Goodale and Donato Brockman. They also made a tape and released it in November 1989. It was called Plasm Spoon. Not quite 30 years later it is now available in a restored high-resolution format as a pay-what-you want release via Bandcamp.

A couple weeks after Plasm Spoon was released I joined Brown Cuts Neighbors and brought ruin to the band. Also Earl Grey Tea. At some point we all became very old and played at Lollapalooza. Several  times in Colleen’s case. We feared she was trapped, but she escaped the angel of death by changing her name to Lady Starlight and moving to Berlin… the one in Europe. Jason became a wolfman and now prowls the streets of Troy… the one in New York. I remain your humble servant and offer music and cakes from my enchanted isle.

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