NEW from I Will Destroy You!

I’m defying the downturn in the economy and it’s effects on the comics industry by publishing a new comic book!

This is a collection of my comic strip poems. I previously had xeroxed minis of this book available at SDCC and APE, but this is a new official printing. Plus it has 4 new strips that were previously unavailable. That’s 23 comic strip poems + a snazzy new cover for you to enjoy!

It will debut at the Stumptown Comics Festival in Portland, OR, later this month. I will be sharing a table with Teenage Dinosaur next to, or near, Sparkplug Comic Books. After that, I will be offering it for sale in my webstore and through select distributors.

Read reviews of the mini-comic version by Geek Magazine, The Daily Cross Hatch, Rob Clough and Sean Collins.

(thanks to Sparkplug for letting me hype my crap on their blog)