What happens when you as a bunch of cartoonists, 
artists and assorted weirdos to do one panel gag comics?
72 pages of color and black & white comics by some of the best 
contemporary underground and alternative cartoonists:
Andrice Arp, Marc Bell, Elijah J. Brubaker, Shawn Cheng, Chris C. Cilla, Michael DeForge, Kim Deitch, J. T. Dockery, Theo Ellsworth, Austin English, Eamon Espey, Robert Goodin, Julia Gfrörer, Levon Jihanian, Juliacks, Kaz, David King, Tom Neely, Anders Nilsen, Scot Nobles, Jason Overby, John Porcellino, Jesse Reklaw, Tim Root, Zak Sally, Gabby Schulz, Josh Simmons, Ryan Standfest, Kaz Strzepek, Matthew Thurber, Noah Van Sciver, Dylan Williams, Chris Wright and MORE!?
72 pages
Perfect bound
5.5×6 inches
Color and Black&White
Cover art by Chris C. Cilla
Curated by Tom Neely
Published by I Will Destroy You Comics
$10 retail.