Sorry to be so slack this week, dear reader. The last couple weeks were lucky to have a flood of upcoming events coming in. This week has been a complete crunch.

I try not to do these bullet pointed, ellipsis heavy drill down type of posts, but that’s all you are gonna get this week. There really has been a lot going on. To get the daily Wow Cool fix, follow me at:

First up. nickname: Rebel has delivered it’s exclusive session tracks for Mark Whitby on Dandelion Radio. You can hear these all during the month of June on Mark’s show. For those who missed it and are all WTF? Old Troy, New York band nickname: Rebel has, in fact, reformed in the greater San Francisco bay area with the original members (minus certain drummers). Michael Keegan and Nick Carpenter (who you may know from Burnt Hills or Lincoln Money Shot… now CALMS), Tom Burre, and me, Marc Arsenault, are rocking the same familiar post-everything sounds just a scant 4 years after we last were together.

Here’s a super non-representative out-take from the sessions. The totally falling apart track “Bring Down the Ride”. Some classic fake jazz.

Bring Down the RideThe real stuff is much better. That’s why this is an out take. Mysteriously it got mixed, so you get to hear it.

The new Wow Cool shop is coming very soon. This business stuff takes time. Be patient.

After what will be a literal flood of nickname: Rebel releases, the Brown Cuts Neighbors TV show will be getting the treatment it deserves. You will have something to fill that hole left in your life by the break between seasons of Lost, Dollhouse and Fringe. Stay tuned to this page for more news.