or, I swear, I shall close every last one of these tabs, continued.

CD Baby Interviews Dave Allen (currently a music marketing genius, formerly a member of Gang of Four and Shriekback), with much coverage of Dave’s challenge to musicians to be brilliant or get out of the way. Be sure to watch both parts.

I found this interview fascinating. Does Right, Always Works: Richard H Kirk And The Future Of Cabaret Voltaire on The Quietus. I’ve somehow recently ended up with a few books related to Cabaret Voltaire that I’m looking forward to reading. I play alot of their mid-80s music when I’m working with tools in the garage.

As reported by Punk News last Thursday, Roger Ebert has posted his script for the original version of what eventually became the Sex Pistols’ Great Rock and Roll Swindle movie. Did you know that Michael Moorcock (Elric/Hawkwind) did the novelization?

RIP: Walter Sear, Synth Guru and Studio Legend on Create Digital Music. The genius behind the Sear Sound Studio has left us.

Check this video and longer audio interview with Lightning Bolt & Fort Thunder guy Brian Chippendale who is finishing up a 800 page graphic novel.

And last, from Ain’t It Cool, we have: Mike Russell Delivers A Must-Read Interview With Paul Pope! BATTLING BOY, BATMAN: YEAR 100 And Much More Discussed! It is seriously a very interesting interview. Gives you a glimpse at the little known fact that artists actually have some sort of life and don’t just make up all that stuff they draw by running a computer program or something.

Oops, almost forgot. Bay Area radio institution KFJC 89.7 FM is just starting to roll out its’ Mayhem series of special broadcasts. There are some ‘must-listen-tos’ in there, including a 24 hour Sun Ra set, a Hawkwind special (them again!) and a tribute to the late Alex Chilton.

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