Alternative Distribution Methods

If you’ve ever self-published… from the old xerox and staple to things like Blurb and Lulu… then there’s a chance that you’ve done the classic method of non-standard distribution of your product: The old ‘reverse-shoplift’ yourself onto the shelf of a local store that otherwise wouldn’t deal with you (I think I only ever did this in the long-gone little book shop on 9th St. off 4th Ave. in Manhattan). Here are a few camera phone photos from recent months of other – sometime quite unexpected – ways it can be done.

This last one is worth comment. I was very surprised to see the return (well… uh, now discontinued and reduced for quick sale, I guess) of the old Western Publishing model 3-pack at the toy store. This is at a Toys R Us in Knoxville, Tennessee. And yes, it is a classic Scorpio issue of the Defenders by David Anthony Kraft (with help from Don McGregor) and Keith Giffen. This is the 1970s comic book equivalent of LSD, just waiting for some poor, unsuspecting soul to be warped forever. Good stuff.