Albany Times Union presents The Bike Blog

troy bike rescue

Our good friend and consistent lifeline to the old Wow Cool home of Troy, New York, Mr. Andrew Lynn has just started The Bike Blog on He’s managed to bust out three posts already in the first 24 hours, so we expect continued greatness. His statement of purpose follows.

The key constant among us, is that we all simply love riding bikes. Its a great way to get from A to B, but its also so much more than that. Riding a bike provides a fantastically unique vantage point from which to see the world, and those stories and experiences will be distilled down here. Hopefully, this glance into the world of the cyclist will put a smile on your face, and encourage you to air up the tires and go for a spin.

Also new to the blogosphere is Kate Moxham, one of the most talented photographers I know. Her Cut + Drift explores territory that may be of interest to followers of Ballardian, BLDGBLOG, City of Sound and Bearings. She’s getting the good post-situationist psychogeographical juice going.