*Ahem* Is This Thing On?

Hello, everyone. My name is Peter and I draw comics. The amazing and generous Marc Arsenault, proprietor of these here parts, has offered me a soapbox on the official Wow Cool blog. How cool is that? I’m going to explore some topics here that I don’t get to write (or draw) about elsewhere, but first I would like to indulge myself in something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Over the next few posts, I’ll pick out a few comics I drew, some of my favorites, and explain what I like about them—and maybe even some of the secret, juicy backstory.

Let’s begin!

Comic Strip

I dunno. Even at the time I didn’t know. But when I look at my old work, I do see that falling from the sky seems to be a recurring theme. Anyway, “Skydriving” was hanging up in the hallway at my house for a while. I still like it okay.

Comic Strip

Here’s another one from the old days. This comic reminds my of my Dad’s friend Ron, who I always thought was kind of hip. I think this is one of the best drawings from way back then, although I would have inked it a lot differently today.

Comic Strip

Okay, one more for today. This one is one of my very favorites! I used to hate cole slaw. Now I don’t mind it. But this series of stupid puns makes cole slaw kind of fun. Here’s something I just remembered, and I wonder if other artists have the same experience: when I look at something I drew a long time ago, I can kind of remember what my life was like then, and sometimes I even remember what music I was listening to in the background while I was drawing.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Are you interested in seeing these old comics with some old explanations, or should I move on to a different topic?

[Peter S. Conrad was the subject of a recent AltComics podcast. He needs to update his bio and picture on this site… and probably just present comics directly without all the self-deprecating and reflective silliness.—The Editor.]