“Christiane Kubrick had 42 wonderful years with her husband. But in the decade since his death, she has been beset by tragedy. For the first time, she talks about losing one daughter to cancer, another to Scientology”, and much more. This is a must read article in the Guardian, from Wednesday, by Jon Ronson. Ronson, the author of The Men Who Stare at Goats, which was made into the film of the same name, has long been a maker of self-hosted documentary films as well as authoring frequently related books. These films are, sadly, largely unavailable on DVD and must be found somewhere on the interwebs. His film, “Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes”, which details his many years of digging through the archives of the great film director (as referenced in this weeks Guardian article), is viewable on YouTube. More is written about it by the Mystery Man on Film.

The Stanley Kubrick Archive, comprising over 1000 boxes, including scripts, props, costumes, photography, correspondence, equipment and research is housed at the University of the Arts London.