AdHouse Books Prepares to Close its Doors

It was announced last week that the landlord Chris Pitzer would be closing the doors on his AdHouse Books press after 20 years of operation and 100 books. Well… 101… News on that to come. Wow Cool has been excited to stock their books for over a dozen of those years, and the latest are some of the best!

Following is an excerpt from the text of the announcement that went out to the AdHouse mailing list on July 14, 2021:

100 and Done.
“Thanks for the fish!”

If you’ve been paying attention throughout the years, you know I’m a “numbers” guy. Special numbers mean special things. We recently announced that GRASS OF PARNASSUS was the “100th” AdHouse related publication… and with that, we are “done”.

We have decided to cease publishing. Hell, it’s been 20 years!

. . . 

We aren’t going away fully… we have one more pub that we’ll announce in a few weeks, and we still have to move some units in our farewell tour. So hopefully I’ll get to see some of your fully-vaccinated faces before I hang up the Square Reader.

Until then… Live Long and Excelsior!


Chris Pitzer
AdHouse Books

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