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Inside Vineyland by Lauren R. Weinstein

Inside Vineyland

A Xeric Grant Recipient! The long-anticipated graphic collection from Lauren R. Weinstein is finally here! INSIDE VINEYLAND contains 40 of Weinstein's finest works, many originally published in Seattle's legendary STRANGER. Each comic is just one page long - perfect for the bathroom, the subway, or watching TV. You will be amazed by such mind-blowing classics as 'The Bird War' and 'The Manic Depressive Dogs.' You will be embarrassed by the 'Wacky Packages'-inspired ad, 'Charmley: For Your Poor Ass.' You will ask 'Huh?' in wonder as you gaze at 'Self-Visualization Activities.' An extended bonus story is also included, telling of a robot's troubled quest for love as he's torn between his lust for electrical devices and his duty to serve humans!

Lauren Weinstein attended Washington University (BFA) and received The Conway-Proetz Full Tuition Merit Scholarship. She teaches drawing and cartooning at the 92nd Street Y, and at Parsons School of Design, The Jewish Museum and the Y's Makor/Steinhardt Center. In 2003 she was the recipient of the Xeric Grant to self-publish her first graphic novel, 'Inside Vineyland', originally published in Seattle's paper Stranger. Her comics and illustrations have appeared in McSweeney's, The New York Times, LA Weekly, The Chicago Reader and Seattle's The Stranger. She has also designed, along with cartoonist Tom Hart, a website to aide in the teaching of comics: StoryArk.com. She also participated in anthologies like: 'Kramer's ergot', 'Blood Orange', Legal action comix' 'Sheherezade' and 'Ganzfeld'. In 2005 she worked on a comic book with etchings called 'The Goddess of War'. The story involves the title character quitting her job because wars are so confusing these days. She's also starting the sequel to Girl Stories entitled 'Calamity'. Her interests in music have led her to become the front woman in the band Flaming Fire.

Black and white with color covers. 74 pages.

Alternative Comics, 2003.

ISBN: 189186744X

Weight 8.00 oz
Price: $9.95 (8.66)

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