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Something Good to Read on a Sunday
Welcome to the new weekend reading column. We’re still re-arranging the deckchairs for the re-launch of the Wow Cool blog and launch of the altcomics podcast. Hopefully things will be more...
Introducing Wow Cool’s alt.comics Podcast
What mad forces compel comic artists to chain themselves to drawing tables day and night? The new altcomics podcast tracks down cartoonists from all ends of the funny book business—graphic...
New Comics at Wow Cool August 9, 2017
New in the shop this week: A Castle in England by Jamie Rhodes The Customer is Always Wrong by Mimi Pond The End of the F**king World Hardcover by Charles Forsman Heavy Metal #287 Killian Eng cover...
Maybe The Clash Were The Only Band That Mattered
This old TV clip is incredible. It’s clear that Mick Jones was the man with the plan. But it was these four people that made the magic. [...]
The Stupid Pages 40: Nothing On TV Today
Was not easy to squeeze in the “a drawing every day” thing today. Had more insane plans for this NYT from a few days ago. The Sharpie is always magic. Well, maybe less so this time out....

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