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New Books Making Their Way into the Shop
In the build-up to the popular holiday season, Wow Cool added bajillions of new books to our physical shop in Cupertino, CA (Book thieves, take note). We are now finally getting these books added...
Je Suis Charlie
Art by John Derf Backderf. Click to make big. Share widely. [...]
Happy New Year!
Image from the Punch 1915 Almanac. Available to view or download on [...]
Support the Sequential Artists Workshop
Twenty seven years ago I shared a studio at the School of Visual Arts dorms with Tom Hart — a visionary young artist who showed much potential for becoming a great cartoonist. He did become a...
We Was Robbed
The Wow Cool | Alternative Comics shop in Cupertino, California was broken into sometime this weekend by way of a very large rock. Several hundred dollars of comics and books were stolen. We...
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