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The Most Massive Linkdown For Some Time

My old friend Tom and his wife Leela lost their little girl a few months ago. You may have heard about this. Tom, being Tom, has documented his experience in the heartbreaking comic book tale that is embedded above.

Same Hat has resumed updating with some fairly mind-blowing Japanese comix content.

Tom Spurgeon has one-upped John Porcellino and Frank Santoro in the comics travelogue game with this post on his comics-related journeys.

You will go support the CBLDF – Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

The two least reported on, but very possibly most significant comic biz stories of the last month, are the success of the Humble eBook Bundle – which has gathered over a million dollars and features some six comic titles; and, the debut My Little Pony comic book preorders shot past the 90,000 mark with dash and sparkle and whatever else they are named or somesuch.

The only seriously ‘Holy Shit!’ news in here may well be that… HOLY SHIT!!! Giorgio Moroder has a SoundCloud account! Create Digital Music has more on the man and the myth.

The long in development exploration and puzzle video game Kairo has just been released and I recommend that you check it out.

You may need a couple free days to read this, but you really should go read Adam Curtis’ latest post to his BBC blog. You may find it useful to read some of his earlier posts and catch up on his many films before digging into this. He will change the way you see the world, but I can’t say that it will really help you feel much better about it.

Over in my other day job I run a thing called Alternative Comics. We just sent a book to press last week that is the first solely published by us in about four years. The Beat has a preview of that very same floppy unit up now – Sam Henderson’s Magic Whistle #12.

In other Alternative Comics’ artist news, Tomer Hanuka has done a series of connected covers for some singles by Jack White.

The Halloween Crazy special from last year will be playing again on the Travel Channel on October 28 and 31st – times and definition may vary by your provider and location. The show features many of my photos in a segment on San Jose’s Psycho Donuts.

Speaking of Hallowe’en, you should be sure to check out this seasonally themed art jam.

Not an imaginary story! Not April First! etc… Steve Bissette has returned to comics with an issue of Spongebob Squarepants. No… we don’t believe it either.

Mike Bertino of Trigger comic fame recently completed one of those popular and often over-priced variant covers for Boom’s Adventure Time comic book series. At APE a few days ago they were selling those babies for ten bucks on up. Jon Vermilyea’s was sold out by 1pm.

Sorry if a couple of these items are a little bit old for some of you. Hey, I’ve been busy. More on that very soon.