Meet The Artists of Adventure Time

It’s a sad Monday in October for fans of Adventure Time. For my Canadian brethren it is a time of celebration, of Thanksgiving, even. In the United States it’s the time of the quasi-holiday celebrating Christopher Columbus (Indigenous Peoples Day in some regions). I qualify to commemorate either of those (Being descended from Canadian natives), […] […]

The Day My Kid Went Punk


Holiday Cartoon Mindwarp Part 2: Doctor Snuggles

Now some 30 years old, Doctor Snuggles, in it’s 13 episodes, doesn’t hold up so great. The animation is maybe comparable to the Smurfs cartoons of the same era; and, it ups the surrealism quotient up by about a power of 10 from those. I’ve only watched the episodes co-written by Douglas Adams (yes, Hitchhikers […] […]

Holiday Cartoon Mindwarp Part 1: The Clangers

A little over a year ago, Oliver Postgate passed on at age 83. He left an astounding legacy, in just a few short series, that have had a lasting impact on generations of children. Despite only ever making thirteen episodes of Bagpuss, it remains one of the most popular of British childrens’ programs. The universal […] […]

The Stupid Pages 26 – A Race of Eyeless Fish People Will Overrun Our Already Distressed Welfare System

Happy lucky 88th birthday to Abe “Fish” Vigoda. After much struggling with trying to fit some text from either J. G. Ballard or H. P. Lovecraft to this series of phone cam shots of a dollhouse; I finally gave up and decided to freestyle it. Got something better for me? […]

Analog TV Bye Bye false start

Bruce Sterling’s Eulogy for Analog TV from The Long Now Foundation on Vimeo. Here’s what Bruce Sterling has to say. More info at the UC Berkeley Funeral for Analog TV page (an event I totally failed to attend yesterday). Many channels did stop their regular analog broadcast transmissions on Tuesday (well, at least two in my […] […]

Watch: Coldcut vs TV Sheriff “Revolution ’08”

Amazingly dense stuff. Thanks to old pal Scott Beibin at Lost Film Fest for leading me to this. I miss this kind of political video chop suey. […]

Wonderful news: Steven Kurtz Cleared of all Charges

I have written about this case a couple times before, and a banner to the CAE Defense Fund has been up on Wow Cool for a bit (must remember to take it down now). It had been announced that charges were dismissed, but now that the appeal option has lapsed, it is official. Rest now, […] […]

TV Worth Watching

I’m still trying to figure out what Queens of the Stone Age have to do with Slow Food and why they were on Anthony Bourdain‘s No Reservations tonight… but I am much more excited about Tuesday night’s debut on the Sundance Channel of the film Strange Culture. I’ve been following the strange and tragic case […] […]

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