RIP Joe Kubert

I was very sad to hear yesterday of the passing of Joe Kubert, one of the true giants of the comics book industry, from near to it’s beginnings until the present day. It’s pretty much impossible to measure the extent of his influence. Kubert was one of the most prolific creators in the history of the medium and he also nurtured the talents of scores of others through the three and a half decades in operation of his own cartooning school. Several of his iconic comic book covers leapt to mind during the course of the day – many of them from that strange anthology title Weird War… a couple of those creep me out even now. I wished I still had many of the comics he illustrated that had left the strongest impression on hand to flip though, like Ragman, Tarzan and Tor. I lost many old comics in about three flooding disasters. I guess there are still the search engines…

My old amigo Steve Bissette (a member of the first Kubert School graduating class) remembers Joe Kubert on his blog.

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