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Zack Soto has been a friend to Wow Cool and Alternative Comics for longer than I am even sure of. He was a Wow Cool mail-order customer back in our golden days during the zine explosion of the 90s. He sent me and Jeff Mason comics at various times. His comics were published by Alternative in the Hi-Horse Omnibus. When Wow Cool expanded its mail order comics store in 2011, Zack’s Study Group Comics was one of the first publishers we featured in the catalog. Study Group was one of the first four imprints to join Alternative when we got together to form a publishing co-op — combining distribution and marketing activities — at the end of 2014. Zack is one of the best friends Team Comics has ever had.

A few hours ago the word went out that Zack and Krista Soto’s son Caspian has a serious degenerative optical condition. He may well end up blind one day. They have set up a GoFundMe page to cover some basic, necessary and urgent expenses. People have come out in droves in support of the Sotos to help with the testing and upgrading their home lighting (all the info on the gofundmepage), but they can use all the help they can get. I urge you to join up and donate what you can to help out them and their son.

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Magic Whistle 3.2 coming very soon and ask about the Magic Whistle Valu-Pak (TM)

Help Us Share The Safety This July 4th

Wow Cool wants you to join us in supporting the Share the Safety initiative this Independence Day. BUY A GUN, GIVE A GUN TO AN AMERICAN IN AN AT-RISK NEIGHBORHOOD. The National Rifle Association and corporate ally Smith & Wesson have partnered to level the safety playing field in our nations cities, suburbs and parishes. We are proud to be a part of this effort.

“You know how important it is to protect your family. But you may not know that some of America’s poorest citizens cannot afford to arm themselves against those who would limit their freedoms. That’s why the National Rifle Association is proud to partner with Smith & Wesson to Share the Safety.” More information at

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Magic Whistle 3.2 coming later this month from Alternative Comics.

cows can’t blaspheme

Magic Whistle 3.2 will be in stores later this month from Alternative Comics.

I Won’t Shut Up About Jerry Goldsmith

Presented without much further comment or help are “New Identity” from Jerry Goldsmith’s 1968 Planet of the Apes soundtrack and “Echohce” by FM Einheit, Jamie Lidell, David Link & Co, 2007. Both use the same bass pattern for a little bit. I’ve listened to these pieces way more than is healthy. Listening to the two together can produce interesting results. The former might be sampled in the later, although that seems like too much work for three notes.

Sidedate (my new word for ‘vaguely related update’): It’s been sample spotter week at the Wow Cool shop. On Saturday we had someone call out Abba’s Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (or in this case ¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! from Oro: Grandes Éxitos) as being the source for Madonna’s Hung Up (you know, the one with all the parkour in the video. It sound a bit like it should be a Vangelis track), and, on Thursday someone sourced Tricky’s Bombing Bastards from John Carpenter’s theme for his own film Assault on Precinct 13, which just happened to be playing on BBC 6Music at the time. I think it’s possible to make a mega-mix of all four of these tracks that would be just massive. Sampling brings a community together.

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Lee Is Free – Sonic Youth Spinhead Sessions Out This Week

Sonic Youth have a new record out on Friday. That’s far out man. It’s the 30 year old never before released rehearsal sessions for the Made in USA soundtrack they did. Sounds pretty good so far. Craziness. Brooklyn Vegan has the scoop.

Making Music to Quit Drugs To

I keep thinking about the CIA. No one talks about the CIA anymore like they used to.
I’m prepping for an extended recording project for the next nickname: Rebel record.
And I keep thinking about the CIA.
And I think about Black Mountain.

And I watch endless YouTube Videos of John Cage works as research for this new recording project.

I think I understand things about the larger Black Mountain legacy that I didn’t before.
I keep staring at Willem de Kooning’s Asheville (1948).
And I think about different uses of zen and letting go. And I wonder at how John Cage approached that piano with a fist full of screws in the Cornish Theatre vs. how he represented it in 1972.

Oh, and I nearly watched all of the 90s Fantastic Four movie today.

The Magic Whistle – Douchebags


After a little hiatus, new Magic Whistle comics every Monday and Thursday has returned. More info at Magic Whistle 3.2 will be in stores later this month.

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