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the Department of Experimental Services of the State of New York.

George E. Pataki
- Governor
Our Mission

The Department of Experimental Services was established in 1997 as an interim management office for the then perceived problem. Since then, with the booming economy, our mission has expanded to deal specifically with under- or mis-utilized material and human resources; with a focus on artists and the problems created by advances in technology. Many of our programs may have no perceivable current value or use. One may never be found. In many cases this cannot be known. Our mission remains the same: to do the job.

J. Martin
- Commissioner
Recent public works programs
"What is a city's dream of itself" part of Book/Ends. In association with Albany Center Galleries, The Albany Public Library and the State University of New York at Albany's Arts & Humanities Department.

Take our online dream survey and be a part of the magic. TOGETHER we can make it happen.

The Free Project
Redistribution points. A low-level Transfer Station project for deployment in the cities of New York. The basic system is similar to the popular "secret Santa" game of office Winter Holiday parties.


Nation Without Art
In our early research it was discovered that most people in America do not like art. They like artists even less. If asked they often feel that they would be happier if there was no art and the artists were shipped off on the next flight. To accommodate this great need we have established a fund. The Nation Without Art fund collects moneys to be spent on one-way airplane tickets from the US to almost any other country for a qualifying artist (the artist must be a resident of New York State - money may be donated from anywhere). All legal requirements for emigration are the sole responsibility of the artist.

Alternatively, we encourage artists to move to another state or to Buffalo or New York City - these being the only two cities in New York State that qualify for the special provisions for artists’ housing as outlined in the New York State Consolidated Code of 1929.

Artist Retraining Program
We offer an intensive six week program to retrain artists for a more useful role in society. Job training focuses on the limited skills the artist may already posses. We also offer an extensive referral program in association with many popular votec and adult education programs. View a QuickTime movie of our PSA (coming soon!).

Early Intervention for Artists
Largely a PR effort, this outreach program aimed at parents seeks to stifle the post-Spock tendencies to raise children in an unstructured or creative environment. e-mail us to request your free copy of our informative brochure. "Raise them Right: One day, they may have to support you!" (coming soon!)


Notes Project

Signs Project

The Pretend Project
- focus group and committee

Certain Services provided by this office are done solely to fulfill the requirements of laws and programs that are wholly unnecessary. They are created to spend excess public funds in as wasteful a manner as possible. Certain other projects were assigned this office due to their lack of any clear goal or purpose. Being thus deemed experimental, they often take up space on our budget or agenda for several years. These projects include:


Environmental re-purposing



What Can you Do?

Public Appeal for Raw Materials

Among the many materials we are collecting are:
Scrap Metal
Musical Instruments
Milk Crates
Tie Clips
Bottle Caps
Pull Tabs
Hard-hats (OSHA approved) Cowboy Hats
Uniforms (especially coveralls)
Bull Horns
Obsolete technology of any sort

Intern or volunteer with DeptEx! e-mail us at DeptEx!

(in progress)

Arts Organizations of New York State

Electronics Recyclers

Re-Purposing Human Spaces

"Obsolete" Technology

Useless Collections

Freeze-dried Organisms/by-products and other substances of re-constitution.
Sea Monkeys
Astronaut Ice Cream
Tubifex Worms

"Home decorating for God and State

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Standard Plate Cost: The initial fee for a standard plate is $34.50, with annual renewal
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