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White Clay by Thomas Herpich

White Clay

Thomas Herpich delivers his third solo comic in the same magazine-sized format as his previous books from Alternative Comics - Cusp and Gongwanadon. Thomas is a writer/character-designer/storyboard artist on the smash hit Adventure Time cartoon and this book shows more than a hint of that world. This collection of nine beautiful and strange experimental adventure/fantasy stories rendered in bold brush strokes and nuanced washes delves into many classic themes and characters. These comics are heartfelt attempts to examine the paradoxes and traps facing a human mind living today. The spirit of the literary tradition of Robinson Crusoe inhabits the book from the Kafka parable that prefaces the collection through to the final mostly text page.

"Everything about this comic is so assured and underplayed, the mark of an artist who’s become confident and comfortable with his style. That confidence gives the book’s uncertain, shifting-sands narratives a haunting quality; Herpich is not interested in leading the reader by the hand, but his storytelling is so strong that one can’t help but notice the motifs and connections made between stories in the collection." -- Rob Clough, The Comics Journal

32 page black and white magazine-size comic with color covers

AdHouse Books, 2012

ISBN: 978-1-9352331-8-39

Weight 6.00 oz
Price: $4.95 (4.31)

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