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Bicycle by Ugo Gattoni


Inspired by the 2012 London Olympic Games, Ugo Gattoni intricately draws a gigantic cycle race through the streets of England's capital.

The latest in Nobrow's ultra-popular Leporello series, Gattoni depicts the street race to end all street races with an astonishingly detailed illustration that totals over six feet in length. As the reader's eyes travel alongside Bicycle's speeding cyclists, it soon becomes clear that this is no ordinary contest. Joining the elite athletes is a whole bunch of people including cycle couriers, commuters, bankers, delivery boys, moms with kids, youths on stolen mountain bikes, fashionistas, and hipsters riding their fixed gear bikes.

Featuring an embossed wrap-around jacket, Bicycle has been expertly manufactured in the European Union to the highest standards. Beautifully printed, this specially designed, extra-large concertina title can be read as a book or displayed as an Olympic-sized work of art.

BICYCLE from Éditions Copains on Vimeo.

In a brilliant alternative take on the biggest sporting event of 2012, Gattoni combines homage with humor in this two-wheeled free-for-all. With cycling only growing in popularity, both as a sport and a lifestyle, this book is an ideal gift for the bike-lover in your life. A recent graduate of one of Paris' top art schools, Ugo Gattoni wowed the public with an incredible intricate pen drawing measuring approximately thirty-three feet by six feet. This Leporello project for Nobrow Press is his first publication.

Nobrow Press, 2012

ISBN: 1907704450

Weight 13.00 oz
Price: $24.95 (21.71)

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