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4090 by Nathan Schreiber


It's 4090: the last of humanity occupies an unnamed city resembling a disembodied collection of outsized human organs, each citizen possessing a personal force-field that protects them from the increasingly toxic atmosphere. A last-ditch effort to mine suppressed emotions as a source of energy backfires, causing the stoic society to violently unravel. Completed for Frank Santoro's Spring 2012 Comics Correspondence Course, 4090 is a tense, explosive tale of loss and redemption on an apocalyptic scale.

Nathan Schreiber is the Xeric Award winning creator of Power Out. 4090 is influenced heavily by H.G. Oesterheld and Alberto Breccia's masterpiece El Eternauta, with visual nods to Kirby-era Fantastic Four, 4090's loose, minimal style marks a departure from the cleaner line evident in previous works. 

32 page black and white digest with color covers

Retrofit Comics, 2012

Weight 5.00 oz
Price: $5.00 (4.35)

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